world best numerology course
world best numerology course

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5 Days Advanced Online Numerology Course

It seems to me that a view of the heavenly bodies through a fine telescope, as well as a tour round the world, should form a part of a liberal education.

Welcome to magic numbers and their secret world,

In very simple terms numerology is the study of numbers. But why one should study the NUMBERS. Actually each number has its own vibrations & frequency, which when pronounced connects to the universe surrounding us and impact accordingly. Each number signifies a planet in solar system and has attributes of his Lord planet. Through Numerology Course we can identify the strengths & weaknesses of the person. The idea is to explore & increase the strengths parameters with help of numeric energy. By this science of numerology one can explain the events happening in his life with the help of numbers connected or linked with him.

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Our advanced Numerology Course is comprised of following topics:


What is Numerology?
Introduction : History & Origin
Role of Numbers in our life
Chiero Methodology & Concept.
Mulank Number
Bhagyank Number
KUA Number
Numero & Astro Concept
Numbers Miracles & Success – Case Study
Characteristics of Numbers (1 to 9)
Prepare Numero Grid  (Lo-shu Grid)
8 Type of Yoga in Numeroscope
Compatibility of Numbers
 Friendship and enmity among numbers.
Mulank - Bhagyank ( 81 Combinations )
Question & Answers Session.
Practical Exercise.


Impact of Missing Numbers
Missing Number Concept & Remedy
Personal Year & Month Calculations
Daily basis Numerology Calculations
Profession with Numero Energies.
Firm-Business, Brand Name, Children Name etc. Calculation
Numeroscope Grid Reading & Predictions
Numerology based Remedies
Vedic Numerology Concept
Vedic Magical Grid calculation
70 Plus Amazing Numero-Vedic Yogas
Accurate Time based predictions
How to balance the grid with combinations.
Mobile Numerology Concept
Question & Answers Session.
Practical Exercise.


Vedic Astrology connection methodology
Calculation of Lagna Sign & Lagnesh by numerology.
Bridge number – TIME BASED concept.
Researched & Invented by Acharya Lokesh Kashyap Dhamija.
Amazing practical session.
Numero Grid Health session
Numerology & intuition technique
Calculation Hora number based predictions.
Match Making
Numerology prashan kundali
Advanced Vedic & Lalkitab remedies.
Numero Chart Preparation
Question & Answers Session.
Practical Exercise.
Including study material.

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