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parashar Astrology ​is the main 
system of vedic astrology

The most ancient style of Astrology is Vedic Astrology.  Parashari Astrology is the main system of vedic astrology.  Saint Parashar wrote the concept of this Astrology, which is based on beliefs and principles of his own.  Saint Parashar wrote the famous epic book Brihat Parashara hora.  This book provides details on various aspects of vedic astrology which includes the details of zodiac signs and impact of those signs, 12 houses, 9 plants, karaks or houses, dasha system, ashtakvarga etc. It is the base pillar of 12 zodiac signs and 27 constellations. The importance of Hora is introduced by Saint.

vedic parashari jyotish course

One aspect of Parashari Vedic Astrology is that it effects our daily life. The movement and alignments of the planet like moon or sun put an impact on our mind and emotion. Parashari astrology helps to study the influence of the planetary movement and its influence in our life whether it is good or bad. If bad time is about to come, then the remedies of Parashari astrology will help to minimize the bad impact. People who want to learn astrology should have to study Parashari Vedic Astrology first because there is no complexity in this concept and is very easy to learn as well to understand. 

Vedic Parashari Jyotish is certificate course, which has been extremely 
well designed under guidance of Acharya Lokesh Dhamija

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