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Welcome to most accurate method of predictive astrology "Nadi Jyotish" Nadi Nakshatra Astrology Course

This branch of astrology also known as Nadi Nakshatra Astrology. This is also famous with the name of “Phalit-Jyotisha” or “Sateek Jyotish Ganana” & Accurate Predictive Astrology. This is a smart application of Vedic astrology concepts and combinations. As the name suggests this science serves as a tool to have a look of future events, which is prediction of upcoming time.

This science based on the fact that “ Combination of houses gives result ” It works on the basis of the power of Dasha’s planet, Bhukti and Anatar Dasha’s planet as per Vimshotari Dasha Paddhati.

New Event Planning Technique has been designed under the guidance of 
Acharya Lokesh Dhamija. We are presenting this course to you as a beautiful bouquet where each flower of this consists of an event of your life. 
Here we try to cover all major events of life like.

Topics & Life Events

Basic Astrology & Astronomy Concepts.

Marriage – Match making, Arrange marriage, Love marriage, Re-marriage & Divorce

Education – Education & Higher Education, Stream, Grading Success & Line of Education

Career & Profession – Suitable Career with Job & Business. Ups & Down.

Childbirth – Complete Tasks related with Child birth

Litigations – Types & scale of Litigation. Arrest, Bail, Kidnapping, Home-arrest, Murder etc.

Vehicle & Property – sale & purchase and all related issues

Travel & Foreign Settlement

Health ( Medical Astrology ) – Diagnose, Surgeries & Calculations

Longevity – Concept as per Nadi Nakshatra

Transits – Calculations with Dasha system & Accurate Prediction Delivery

Horary – Accurate Prashan kundali answer.

BTR – Birth Time Rectification

Remedies – As per current scenario & event

Gem stone – How to select the right one, wear it & importance as per events of life.

Modern & Scientific Method of Remedy

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