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Acharya Lokesh Dhamija has received many awards and honored as "Best Astrologer in India" by Spokesperson of Government in Delhi India.

Welcome to Gurukul of Astrology Science
 "Best Astrologer India "
If you are visiting our website, then it’s a fact that somewhere inside, you believe on this science, if don’t believe then still you want to know the power, potential and reach of this science that how much accurate it predicts about future.

ASTROLOGY is not a topic of stereotype and orthodoxy study, it’s a science of frequency, vibrations and cosmic forces, which impact human life because human body is also made up of five cosmic elements, we are the part of this cosmic universe only.

OUR INSTITUTE is one of the best and well known Astrology Institute in India and Acharya Ji is the best astrologer in India. Institute is established & headed by “Acharya Lokesh Dhamija" with a dream “that everyone study astrology as a science, in a way of science”.

best astrologer

Winner of The Best Institute & The Best Astrologer Award 
for the last 8 years continuously

This institute is the result of his day & night hard work and deep dedication. All his efforts brought us “this beautiful bouquet of astrological flowers” where each petal of each flower is complete and essential in its own way.

We have a basic thought that astrology is just not a tool to foresee the upcoming future. But it’s also necessary for human being to develop socially and morally.

We have been awarded as the “Best Astrology Institute” & “The Best Astrologer India” 7 times continuously. This award put an image of our institute’s excellence in providing quality education through its astrology courses in various fields.

We are the sole destination for the aspirants who all are keen to dive into this ocean and ready to come out with precious pearls of knowledge and practical experience.

Today we believe in astrology or not, this doesn’t matter, but in whole day at least one time we know somewhere inside that some powerful divine light is there which controls our life or we can say our destiny and this is the thing which actually matters.

Astrology gives a way to understand yourself as a part of this cosmic universe so that you can tune yourself accordingly by selecting a right frequency.

Vision & Mission:

Encouraging and promoting the practical approach of all fields of astrology science, so that it can be beneficial to all individuals whether it’s a common man or an industrialist or businessman, or celebrity, or anyone

And this practical approach is the demand of today’s advanced, modern & changed time. When changes take place there is always the survival of fittest. If one would not accept the change he cannot fit in the dimensions of surroundings and would soon discard by the surroundings.

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Basic Objectives:

  • To promote the practical approach in astrology and its allied sciences.
  • To promote research work in the field of astrology, so that one can go deep in this ocean and discover the pearls of remedies for the betterment of mankind.
  • Spread this science as more as possible for the betterment of individuals by conducting regular Astrology courses and day based Astrology workshops.
  • To serve mankind by providing professional and practical astrological solutions..
  • To get recognition at national and international level for practical astrology.

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