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Among All the books of astrology science, the title of Wonder Book belongs to "Lal Kitab"

Over the years, Lal Kitab also known as RED BOOK has become a part of remedial astrology science which helps in unraveling the tight knots of destiny. Lal Kitab is not a single book, it is in fact a collection of the five books (Five Sanskaran), written between the period of 1939-1952. Lal Kitab is considered unique or as a wonder book in astrology science. Actually it’s based on planetary position in individual’s horoscope (houses of kundali). It’s based on the fact that every planet in each house of horoscope can be benefice or malefic which can further be analyzed.

After analyzing the nature of the planet in a particular horoscope and house, Lal kitab provides tremendous remedial measures to remove the ill effects of malefic planets and also to take advantage of the well positioned planets in horoscope. All remedies of this wonder book are completely logical. Lal Kitab itself is still a mystery. Basically, it is written in the form of poetic verses or Farman in Urdu, which is very difficult for an ordinary person to understand and come out with a meaningful sentence. Our institution offers you a well-designed and simplified version of Lal Kitab Online Course on Lal Kitab grammar & Remedies.  You can earn a very good name and fame in this line by becoming a successful astrologer.

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Topics & Contents

  • Introduction to Lal kitab
    History of origin, Five Sanskaran of
    Lal -kitab etc.
  • Lal-kitab kundali Concept
    (कालपुरुष कुंडली)
  • Varshfal Horoscope creation & Remedies
  • Planets & 12 house Results –
    ( ग्रहों का भाव अनुसार फल )
  • Symptom based Predictions through 12 houses
  • Remedies for every planet in each of horoscope.
  • 9 Planets & 12 House Remedies
  • Some Special topics based on their significance in human life
  • Marriage
  • Travel
  • Childbirth
  • Education & career
  • Live Case Studies
  • Practical Exposure & Doubt sessions
  • Study Material

  • Grammar of Lal kitab:
    • Definition and explanation of Lal kitab Vocabulary
    • Lal kitab Horoscope Creation
    • Human body & Planets in Lal kitab
    • Planets & Relatives of individual
    • Pakkegrah Concept
    • Exalted and Debilitated Concept
      (उच्च के ग्रह और नीच के ग्रह )
    • Dhokhe ke grah
      (धोखे के ग्रह )
    • Buniyadi grah
      (बुनियादी ग्रह  )
    • Achanak chot dene wale grah
      (अचानक चोट देने वाले ग्रह)
    • Kismet ke rah
      (किस्मत के ग्रह )
    • Lal kitab Special Aspects
      (लाल किताब की विशेष दृष्टि)
    • Lal kitab Takkar
      (लाल किताब टक्कर)
    • Soya bhav & Grah
      (सोया भाव – सोया ग्रह )

  • Types of kundali (Lal Kitab Horoscope)
    • Andhi kundali (अंधी कुंडली)
    • Ratondhi kundali (रतोंधी कुंडली)
    • Nabalik kundali (नाबालिक कुंडली)
    • Dharmi kundali (धर्मी कुंडली)
    • Sathi kundali (साथी कुंडली)
    • Kayam kundali (कायम कुंडली)
    • Mukableki kundali (मुकाबले की कुंडली)
  • Bali ka Bakra Concept (बली का बकरा)
  • Banavati Grah
    (मश्नुई के ग्रह और बनावटी ग्रह)
  • 35 year Cycle of Planets in Lal kitab
    (ग्रहों का ३५ साला चक्र: ग्रहो की समय अवधि )
  • शनि और माकन –
  • मंगल बद्ध : प्रकार व उपाय

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