What Is Vastu Shastra

14.10.22 04:24 AM By Acharya Lokesh Dhamija

What Is Vastu Shastra?

What Is Vastu?  But before we get into what Vastu truly means, let's talk about why you should Learn vastu? Many people don't know what Vastu exactly is, so they tend to shy away from it due to an unfounded fear of the unknown. According to Vastu shastra, which is believed to have been created between 6000 BC and 3000 BC, buildings should be designed to take full use of the geography and surrounding environment, including the sun's light and heat, the moon's position, wind patterns, and the Earth's magnetic fields. However, suppose you ask anyone who has consistently followed Vastu principles over time. In that case, they will tell you that it has made an enormous difference in their lives! Learn Vastu Shastra Professionally Contact

Vastu Shastra! Is It Relevant Today?

Over thousands of years, we have been fascinated by Vastu Shastra. It's a subject that has always grabbed our attention because it's so closely linked to architecture, design, building construction, technology, and science in general. Learn Vastu shastra from renowned Vastu Consultant Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, who founded the Gurukul of Astrology science.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

For Home Vastu Driving cosmic energy to your living area is one of the most crucial reasons Vastu should be used in your house. It will allow the 5 energy components of the ever-generous nature to harmonize in your environment. As a result, you'll get advantages like achievement in your chosen field, school, profession, or anything else. Learn Vastu Shastra Shastra Contact

For Office Vastu  (Commercial Vastu )

A Vastu-compliant office, commercial place, mall, factory, showroom etc.  provides your business with the desired growth, guarantees improved productivity and a creativity boost for your staff, and brings a cheerful and lively atmosphere into the workspace and the entire office environment with vastu shastra principles. Simply pay close attention to how your firm is oriented and thoroughly investigate to see if your commercial property complies with the principles of Vastu.

For Us ( For Happy Family )

Vastu Shastra plays a significant influence on how we live. Although some individuals have misconceptions about this discipline of architecture, this in no way lessens the significance of its importance. Vastu is not just a construction science but a link to the venerable Vedic knowledge of Vastu Shastra that encourages contented life. Learn Vastu Shastra Contact


The notion of many energies that affect occupants' lives is intricately entwined in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra's concepts synchronize life with the surrounding forces. Consider Vastu guidelines for the main bedroom, main entrance, toilet, kitchen, puja room, study room etc., while planning the building for a better and healthy lifestyle Learn Vastu Shastra Contact

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