What Is Pitra Dosh? & Pitra Dosha Remedy

14.10.22 08:10 PM By Acharya Lokesh Dhamija

What Is Pitra Dosh? & Pitra Dosha Remedy

What Is Pitra Dosh? & Pitra Dosha Remedy: A karmic debt owed by the ancestors is known as Pitra dosh. The individual with pitra dosha in his or her Kundli must pay it since it appears in the Kundli as malefic planetary combinations. When Pitra Dosha is present in a person's horoscope, inevitable and unexpected difficulties may arise in that person's life. A lack of both money and mental clarity typically affects the native. Lifetime ups and downs are very harsh as a result.

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​Types of Pitra Rin or Pitra Dosha 

Pitra dosha is considered to be a serious dosha in the birth chart 
which does not have good results. Different Pitra debts/Dosha are formed of nine planets in the Kundli, due to which Pitra Dosh is created. Basically as a result of the curse of one's ancestors or because of negative karma to one's ancestors.

In this video you can get information about Pitra Rin, Pitr Doshas & Pitr Dosha Remedies.

Effects of Pitra Dosh

One may have some expected and unexpected problems in life if Pitra Dosha predominates in their zodiac. Extreme peaks and falls are produced during a person's lifetime. The native lacks both financial resources and mental forethought. Examples include monetary losses, family issues, legal issues, difficulties naturally having a child, and professional difficulties. A person with Pitra Dosha experiences bad luck and problems in almost every area of life. Children with Pitra Dosha may develop neurological or physical problems later in life, both from birth or other causes. Additionally, it could lead to frequent miscarriages during pregnancy. You could not get married at the correct time if you have this dosh in your horoscope. To reverse such affects you can consult with India's best astrologer Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, a well-known personality.

Pitra Dosh Remedy

According to Hindu texts, we can receive blessings for a happy and peaceful existence in this world by worshipping our deceased ancestors.

·  Tripindi Shradh and Pitra Visarjan must be performed.

·  On Mondays, provide water to Banyan and Shivlings.

·  Doing Grah Shaanti Puja.

·  Giving Dakshina to Brahmins and performing Brahmin Bhoj.

·  Execute Pind Daan.

·  Feed the Brahmins and elderly on Amavasya.

·  Naryan Nag Bali Pooja and Naryan Bali Pooja should be performed.

·  Remember to always do your ancestors' correct Shradhas or rites.

·  During Pitra Paksha, feed the needy people and animals.

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